What my clients say…

When I first came to visit with Tara about not being able to sleep and suffering from old injuries, I soon discovered that we were going to do more than peel back my history’s layers. After awhile I was able to understand the core of issues that I had no idea even existed, but had all to do with shaping my current existence. That urged me to start a journey of self discovery and awareness.

Through a process of understanding, I was later able to combine my complex issues with plausible and possible solutions. This changed my lifelong experience of feeling helpless and alone, and created, for the first time, a sense of well being, peace. All of this has created a shift in consciousness about myself and the world, in general. Using the tools and education that I received through Tara, every day I practice living my Authentic Self. In summary, this therapy experience is the most refreshing and reviving experience I have encountered so far. T.W.


Tara’s professionalism is exemplary and her skill set exceptional. Her psychospiritual approach to healing makes her work very powerful, and the impact on the individual or family/work system, long


Management Consultant

I recommend Tara wholeheartedly as the most significant spiritual mentor, teacher, therapist who has come into my life; she has shaped and influenced my personal and spiritual growth and evolution, and has empowered me with  the ability, the awareness, and the understanding to shape and influence my own process of development. J.A.


I am so grateful to have found Tara O’Sullivan. She does some of the best integrative work I’ve come across in my many years of looking for ways to help me heal from past childhood trauma and abuse. After two sessions involving Rapid Transformational Therapy, Hologram Healing and EMDR (with developmental needs meeting strategy), I experienced a major healing from the complex trauma I had been dealing with all of my life. This healing is something I have been striving unsuccessfully for decades to accomplish, and I truly feel that after these sessions, my world will never be the same again. The freedom and protection I have finally gotten is indescribable as I now can revisit difficult childhood memories without having hugely troubling emotions. I have started a new life without this burden, and there is just no price that can be put on such a life changing process of finally moving forward! With great thanks to Tara, my new journey has begun! C.O.


Tara’s effectiveness as a therapist and guide is a result of a high degree of professionalism, a well grounded sincerity, compassion, and a value system based on a belief there is a greater purpose to our existence in this world.  P.Eng. / MBA


P.Eng. / MBA