Tara O’Sullivan Consulting – Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Practice Regulation

The practice of clinical social work is regulated through the Alberta College Of Social Workers under the Province of Alberta Health Professions Act (HPA). Other relevant legislation is the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) which is Alberta’s private sector privacy law. PIPA applies to provincial private sector organizations, businesses and, in some instances, to non-profit organizations for the protection of personal information and to provide a right of access to an individual’s own personal information.

Privacy and Confidentiality

With respect to confidentiality, Tara O’Sullivan MSW RSW RMFT is governed by the standards of practice of the Alberta College of Social Workers whose governance is provided by the (AB) Health Professions Act. By these standards, all client information must be kept confidential and securely stored. By provincial and federal statues, a social worker may disclose information about a client without a client’s consent in the following situations: 1) when the practitioner believes the disclosure is necessary to protect against clear and substantial risk that the client will inflict imminent, serious harm on self or others; 2) situations involving reported child abuse or neglect; 3) when client record is requested by court subpoena.

Website Privacy

Regarding website privacy, we are committed to a website that respects privacy. This section summarizes the privacy policy and practices on taraosulliva.ca website and mobile applications.
None of the information we collect about your visits contains any personal or identifying information about you. This information is available only if you supply if voluntarily through contacting us via email. All personal information you do provide is protected under the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). Our site uses software that receives and records Internet protocol (IP) address of the computer that has contacted our website. We treat what we learn about our visitors as confidential and we do not sell lease or provide this information to any company person or agency except as required by law.
For site and privacy security purposes and to ensure that this website is available to all users, our server host employs software programs to monitor network traffic and identify unauthorized attempts to upload of change information otherwise cause damage.

Contact by Email

If you choose to contact Tara O’Sullivan Consulting by electronic mail, the information you send us will be used only for the purposes of described in your message. Due to the nature of the internet and world wide web, we cannot assure the security of information transmitted over the internet via electronic mail. If you are concerned about sending personal information such as your credit card number, phone number or address, over the internet via email we suggest you contact the office directly by phone.