Adult and Youth Services


Concerned About Staying Connected With Your Teen or Preteen?

Having worked throughout her career with youth and families, Tara also offers services for families to help them stay connected by improving or sustaining attachment and resolving conflict and developmental challenges. If endorsed by parents as part of the treatment plan, adolescents (11 yrs and up) often enjoy Tara’s creative approaches using EMDR, energy based approaches or clinical hypnosis, including Rapid Transformational Therapy. Using attachment based approaches to help parents take leadership that is ‘wiser, kinder, bigger and strong,’ Tara’s work with parents is instructive, supportive and strengths based. Typically families experience rapid, effective and sustainable shifts.

Parenting Children or Youth with Pain or Chronic Illness?

Tara’s personal experience parenting a now adult child who has ‘lived alongside’ childhood cancer and its associated iatrogenic effects gives her unique insight into the issues facing families with chronic illness. Her work at Alberta Childen’s Hospital Intensive Pain and Rehabilitation Program has helped her understand the unique interplay of emotions, beliefs and patterns which underlie chronic pain / illness and which, when released, can positively impact wellness. Personal and professional experience make Tara both attuned and well equipped to support families to work out grief, trauma and other emotions associated with chronic illness and its myriad, associated treatments. Alongside family support / therapy, innovative energy based approaches are often useful in instilling hope and shifting buried emotions or patterns which interface with states of being unwell. Understanding that ‘chronic illness is often forever,’ on a practical note, she can also assist families to access community supports so the unique challenges of raising a child with special needs are not faced alone.

Feeling less than fully alive in your life or relationship? Needing to restore hope and life goals?

northern lights EMDR trauma abuse anxiety depressionTara’s services include integrative, individual psychotherapy for adults who desire to feel more whole and vibrant within themselves, as well as to reduce the impacts of: complex trauma / PTSD, childhood abuse; anxiety; depression. For interested persons, innovative, energy approaches can be utilized to support and amplify the impact of conventional approaches used e.g. EMDR, CBT, Ego State Therapy.

A certified Clinical Fellow with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and Registered Marital and Family Therapist (Canada), Tara also sees couples for relationship enhancement and conflict resolution; healing from betrayal and infidelity’; conscious divorce.

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