EMDR, Hologram Healing, Rapid Transformational Therapy

Wish to Amplify Results? Increase the Impact of Conventional, Language Based Therapies? For the client who embraces innovation or desires to know more about the ‘bigger picture Self,” the impact of evidence, language based therapies can be amplified using innovative therapies….

Rapid Transformational Therapy – Tara is certified as a practitioner of Rapid Transformational Therapy which is a therapeutic modality developed by acclaimed British therapist, Marisa Peer. A blend of Clinical Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programmming, Gestalt and Inner Child work, RTT has been shown to produce rapid and transformational outcomes in 1-3 sessions. Tara integrates RTT into her practice both as a stand alone and an adjunctive modality. Areas of practice in which Tara uses RTT include: inner child healing, compulsive eating, overcoming addictions, anxiety, and feelings of low self esteem/ unworthiness.

Hologram Healing System – Tara is the creator / expert practitioner of The Hologram Healing System, an integrative energy psychotherapy modality which utilizes applied kinesiology methods to inform developmental, addictions, attachment and trauma therapy. Through this unique blend of practice, information from within the person’s ‘morphogenetic field’ (link Dr. R. Sheldrake Dr. D. Hawkins) can be accessed to educate and inspire the client as well as to reduce the impact of miasms and other blocking energies which underlie states of being unwell. While no formal research has been done on HHS, clinical outcomes in hundreds of cases have shown promising results and no adverse effects resulting from this innovative therapy.

Psycho Education – As well as using The Hologram Healing System, for the interested client, Tara frequently augments conventional therapy approaches with psycho education around sound and colour therapies, past life regression, work with crystals, and nutritional approaches to healing. Because healing is nonlocal (link Dr. D. Chopra Dr. B.Lipton, Dr J.Orloff), distance healing work can effectively be done, always with signed client consent.

Eye Movement Desensitization and ReprocessingTara is trained as a Level 2 Advanced Practitioner of EMDR and has used this modality successfully for 20 + years with children, adolescents, adults for a wide range of clinical issues. Tara frequently blends EMDR with somatic body based approaches and ego state therapy. (link– Katie O’Shea and Dr. Sandra Paulsen). Tara’s Hologram Healing System can be also used as an adjunct to EMDR to deal with both “big and small T” trauma.