EMDR, Hologram Healing, Rapid Transformational Therapy

Wish to Amplify Results? Increase the Impact of Conventional, Language Based Therapies? For the client who embraces innovation or desires to know more about the ‘bigger picture Self,” the impact of evidence, language based therapies can be amplified using innovative therapies….

Hologram Healing System – Tara is the creator / expert practitioner of The Hologram Healing System, an innovative, energy enhancing methodology which is based on the Sacred Law of One teachings which presupposes that all aspects of creation are inextricably joined and that all are expressions of Source. HHS makes available a further ‘lens of inquiry’ for clients who wish to explore life issues beyond standard therapy frameworks and to experience energy re-integration as an aspect of healing longstanding, typically intergenerational patterns.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – Tara is trained as a Level 2 practitioner of EMDR and has used this modality successfully for 30 years with children, adolescents, adults for a wide range of clinical issues. Tara frequently blends EMDR with somatic body based approaches, ego state and gestalt therapy. (link- Katie O’Shea and Dr. Sandra Paulsen). Tara’s Hologram Healing System can be also used as an adjunct to EMDR to help pinpoint and clear the nexus of trauma.

Rapid Transformational Therapy – Tara is trained as a practitioner of RTT, a therapeutic modality developed by British therapist, Marisa Peer. A blend of Clinical Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programmming, Gestalt and Inner Child work, RTT has been shown to accelerate positive clinical outcomes. Tara integrates RTT into her practice both as a stand alone and an adjunctive modality.