Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting. Please peruse the material and resources (more coming soon!) You may have reached this site because you or a loved one is struggling with a relationship or personal challenge and feel stymied in your quest¬† to find adequate solutions. Perhaps life energy feels limited and you are living “less than” what you desire and deserve.

Having been consciously ‘walking my own talk’ for many years, I understand life challenges, particularly the most painful ones, are openings to greater Life and possibility if we ‘listen within’ and find a way through the uncharted territories which lie within or between us. To that end, I would be honoured to help you access ‘life expansive’ solutions which I have come to know lies reside within each person, no exceptions!!

My practice spans forty years experience in diverse clinical settings. It is informed by training in a variety of modalities, (both conventional and wholistic/integrative) and is collaborative and results focused. With treatment tailored for each person, the overarching goal is to transform blocks, create greater freedom and to nurture conditions, intra and interpersonal,which result in symptom relief and sustainable, lasting change for the individual or family.

Areas of Practice:

  • Strengthen parent child relationships / parent coaching.
  • Anxiety, depression, trauma, bullying, ADHD – adolescents and adults.
  • Addictive or compulsive behaviour e.g. disordered eating / exercise or food addiction; pornography or sexual addiction; relationship or love addiction.
  • Deal effectively with ‘challenging’ people e.g. narcissistic, emotionally dysregulated and /or untreated, complex trauma.
  • Relationship concerns or transitions – betrayal / infidelity; pursuit and withdrawal dynamics; conscious endings, divorce.
  • Integrative energy therapies to identify and shift blockages which underlie stress, illness or ‘states of being unwell’.

Training Groups:

I offer training groups on: 1) wholistic and energy healing practices for personal wellness and self leadership 2) protecting children youth from harm in the digital age 3) using applied kinesiology to heal and reconfigure codependency.

You are invited to contact my office for a free phone consultation to explore whether my services may assist you, a child or loved one.

” This healing is something I have been striving unsuccessfully for decades to accomplish, and I truly feel after Tara’s session, my world will never be the same again. The freedom and protection I have finally gotten is indescribable.”

CO Program Director